Torie Mosdal
Torie Mosdal 8 timer siden
Anyone else notice the wolf plate?
agentchuck2 8 timer siden
Yeah everyone, grow up! Ballooning debt under the democrats is clearly going to be a good thing for you and the future! I mean, it was awful under the other party, but this is clearly 'good' debt.
37Dionysos 8 timer siden
I went bankrupt after 6 years' teaching at an Ivy League university (which made record profits in that time and fortified its financial offices). I was among the last people discharged from debt before GOP changed the laws to benefit the wealthy (and direct school loans were not covered). Bankruptcy was created to help entrepeneurs get out from under failures not their fault: GOP made that impossible for average people and used their taxes to bail out criminal banks. As I left court, a bank agent handed me credit card applications: I was a "good risk" because I couldn't file again for 7 years.
cybernerd adnan
cybernerd adnan 8 timer siden
JC Bluntch
JC Bluntch 8 timer siden
Biden sounds like a dyed in the wool corporate republican.
Kml Art
Kml Art 8 timer siden
And all we can talk about is race relations when we have bigger issues clearly. Maybe the rich media want us to look over there not overhear. Unaffordable healthcare, poverty, unafordable wages, union busting etc. If we dealt with some of those issues we would all get along better.
Calie-Anne Caz
Calie-Anne Caz 8 timer siden
I’ll never understand how governments always give tax cuts to the richest ppl and over tax the lowest earners? Wouldn’t it be a lot smarter to tax the top 10% of earners 2% of their earnings then to tax the lowest earners 20% (just estimating pls don’t fact check just making a point)I’m sure the 2% from rich ppls pockets would likely be a lot less noticeable by the tax payer and the government would be making way more then they would taxing the lowest earners 20% and they (the lowest earners) will feel it a lot harder then the top 10% will. Can someone in economics do the math cuz I do t see how no one sees this the only reason i can think of is they (the government) don’t want to Piss off their friends 🤯🤬
Well somebody please sponsor me to fucking fix this some people are going to die
Sadis MyBag
Sadis MyBag 8 timer siden
I prefer my propaganda with an English accent.
Samuel Alejandro Abarca Baltazar
Samuel Alejandro Abarca Baltazar 8 timer siden
Thank you for this. Always illuminating the world with your unique sense of humor and wit.
Anggun Soracca Jaya
Anggun Soracca Jaya 8 timer siden
I will come back to watch when I have the time
my dad hits me
my dad hits me 8 timer siden
The moment you realize John Oliver’s choices of suit and tie were solely driven by his desire to look like the cartoon lawyer at 14:30
Cat L
Cat L 8 timer siden
I really hate to be that person but....12:57, I believe the correct plural version of octopus is octopuses. Octopus is derived from Greek not Latin. I will show myself out....☺️
Logan Walker
Logan Walker 8 timer siden
"Maybe he's an idiot." I needed that
Vinista 8 timer siden
11:20 -- OMG, I just watched "Magnolia"! Last week, Seth Meyers made a Glengarry Glen Ross reference right after I had watched that movie. What movie should I watch next, so that Stephen Colbert can refer to it? 😏
Credit counseling service was online website 30 minutes $45 absolutely stupid simple waste of money
OC M 8 timer siden
Jack Boots
Jack Boots 8 timer siden
Suze Orman is a total fraudster.
Michael Brandse
Michael Brandse 8 timer siden
Ever since Trump lost and John went back to his usual thing, I have been noticing something. ...just *how* broken is America, really?
Arturo Perez Acosta
Arturo Perez Acosta 8 timer siden
As a mexican let me say this: Do you guys have unemployment benefits??? :(
Jacob Emerick
Jacob Emerick 8 timer siden
Now you all see the reasons not to use credit cards.
degen83 8 timer siden
Fake news. Why not talk about Maxine Water and the Democrats' repeated calls for violence tho?
juan campos
juan campos 8 timer siden
To imagine, some of my friends were telling me to go bankrupt. I am glad I didn't. I went from paying 18 credit cards, to down to four credit cards in two years. Hopefully God willing, I will done paying them off next year.
DuhIdiot 8 timer siden
Disheartening but unsurprising to hear younger Biden parroting the right-wing big lie that the extra economic weight the moderately poor man feels is mostly from a poorer man's hand on his ankle and not a richer man's shoe on his head.
jello hunter7
jello hunter7 8 timer siden
This argument makes the point that debt is an investment in schools/infrastructure, while completely ignoring that a large part of government spending is entitlements and the military.
4vediotube 8 timer siden
Ironically, it’s the addiction to buying unnecessary things that drives the bankruptcy laws.
SneakySprinklez 8 timer siden
Anyways this is another reason why personal finance should be a required class in every highschool so ppl know this studf while our system still sucks
PATRIOTIC FERVOR 8 timer siden
damnit John stop taking breaks! Just give me videos of cute owls being clever all of next week or something....
Roc D
Roc D 8 timer siden
John Oliver is such a whiney nerd 😂
L H 8 timer siden
I mean look at Trump for example, he filed 6 times of bankruptcy in his life so far, is it really that shameful?
Peter Ilisituk
Peter Ilisituk 8 timer siden
It amazes me that John Oliver didn't talk about the South Seas bubble debt.
Rogue Sample
Rogue Sample 8 timer siden
Definitely was expecting the comparison to Harold Ramis for the bankruptcy attorney
Chris Garchar
Chris Garchar 9 timer siden
@11:26 The Oscar goes to... John Oliver!
Bankruptcy number one... Work injury workers comp failed lawsuit failed bankruptcy. Bankruptcy number 2 10 years later brain injury divorce medical bills unemployed I was in med school bankruptcy guess what those fucking student loans are still waiting for me after 13 months I'm starting to rebuild my credit again if I want to abuse it I could but I'm not because that's stupid I'm barely hanging on by my fucking fingernails I would like to see Chuck grassley hung up by his nut sack for his participation in the bankruptcy bill that excludes student loans
Theodore Manthovani
Theodore Manthovani 9 timer siden
When capitalism run rampant and corrupt government, can government control business?
Xi Xie
Xi Xie 9 timer siden
List of the rich and famous who filed bankruptcy please..
Flag Man
Flag Man 9 timer siden
It’s a crime to get into bankruptcy in the UAE 🇦🇪
William Allende
William Allende 9 timer siden
Everyone must thank Chaney's bitch for signing the law.
Jeremy Armstrong
Jeremy Armstrong 9 timer siden
Texas Instruments 84 plus is obviously the best graphing calculator
Fight For Freedom!
Fight For Freedom! 9 timer siden
Patient abuse by nursing assistants is rampant. Years ago, I witnessed a nigerian asst repeatedly hit an old lady for pooping in her diaper. To get welfare-queens off welfare, they push them to become CNA's. And in those programs, no one fails. Nursing homes will not report an abusive CNA because the patient's family could sue. They simply fire the employee.
T M 9 timer siden
Ugh, I know Trump sucks, but god I wish it hadn't been Biden either
Johnny Di Donna
Johnny Di Donna 9 timer siden
That 2005 Bankruptcy Bill was hand written by the credit card agencies themselves and handed off to the 110th Congress. That was when they said screw you to Biblical usury charge laws, and jacked up their late fees to an obscene 29%. I love a country that is so hot on Jesus when it comes to wedding cakes, but when it comes to money, they're just like screw that dirty hippie and His smart ass dad.
Mike Broughton
Mike Broughton 9 timer siden
He knew if he mentioned BTS he would have to do it in a positive way or an army of psycho children would try and ruin his life....
Paul Long
Paul Long 9 timer siden
Does anyone else think that John dressed in a black jacket, white shirt and red tie to look more like the cartoon him?
AwkwardKnob 9 timer siden
Man, that clip of Uncle Joe hit hard, but let's not play games here. The alternative this last go-around was a literal fascist-wannabe, so, again, here we are. But OOOOF.
Videoviewer 9 timer siden
US is the worst first world country
Josh Swanstrom
Josh Swanstrom 9 timer siden
Masters of global affairs?
Jeremy Whittaker
Jeremy Whittaker 9 timer siden
Magnolia is one of my all time favorite films. I watched this episode in my room by myself and clapped out loud when he finished delivering her tirade
Guzwar 9 timer siden
That poor polar bear.
Haraldr Haldefjürd
Haraldr Haldefjürd 9 timer siden
thank fuck I wasnt born in the US
alexiane250 9 timer siden
"we are worried about the children's future" says the party that is AGGRESSIVELY against anything to stop / reverse climate change
Katie Rush
Katie Rush 9 timer siden
I had to file after the housing bust in 2008. Cost me more to file for bankruptcy than it did to get divorced! Lol to be fair it was mutual, and we had no “assets” so it costed $300 for that divorce. lol but $1500 just to get started on bankruptcy proceedings.
despairedboy 9 timer siden
Now we know where 45 learnt how to pronounce Chyena, as always, it all comes back to Sarah Palin.
InFamaz74 9 timer siden
BRUH. Johnny O. got no chill for kids making wishes to be big, YOU heard the man gtfo his void already
jimmb06 9 timer siden
"Its often caused by bad luck, unavoidable situations like job loss, divorce, medical issues" These are very rarely just bad luck. John Oliver sending a bad message.
Dong Harvey
Dong Harvey 9 timer siden
Fuck Indianapolis, I'd like to have a future
Harrison 9 timer siden
I’m well on my way to personal bankruptcy, but I’ll take a 12 month vacation to Panama first, 🇵🇦
Ian h
Ian h 9 timer siden
"Your an idiot" Haha, checkmate mr genius!!
ike Fizz
ike Fizz 9 timer siden
Is this supposed to be funny
Thomas Strome
Thomas Strome 9 timer siden
Motivate those Writers to write your revenge rant.
Markus Leyer
Markus Leyer 9 timer siden
I mean... call me heartless, but if your student loans come from you choosing a degree that you know will not pay you shit after graduating, or simply going to college for the paper, then it is your own fault, that simple. Why not just learn to be an electrician, or plumber, work under someone, then open your own business, you earn way more than the majority of college graduates. It is not excuse if someone goes and studies gender studies, or history for some hundreds of thousands of dollars and then is surprised they can‘t pay it back and being shamed for it.
CMike44 9 timer siden
Crazy how many of the issues in America today came from a law that Joe Biden either wrote or massively supported. Policing, bankruptcy, Healthcare, student loans, etc.
Shelly Justice
Shelly Justice 9 timer siden
Republicans have memory loss of Bush's useless and extremely expensive wars... the only place that FBI said was where the planned 9/11 attacks came from was Saudi Arabia.... but the Bush's love Saudi so much, they attacked other nations that had never hurt anyone... because people wanted justice immediately.... they trained soldiers to just kill kill kill... they killed fucking civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan for no fucking reason!! Why would Bush punish bin Laden??? He was his business partner!! After 9/11 , Bush immediately chartered all Bin Laden living in the USA and flew them all back to Saudi Arabia for their protection??? -- on taxpayers money to boot.
milan-hoi 9 timer siden
Surely you wouldn't fuck a car in the charging port.
Colin Moore
Colin Moore 9 timer siden
Saw you were gonna be on Color the Spectrum with Mark Rober.
NB_Knight 9 timer siden
"that sounds like something that's gonna take about 3 pages of your notes app" thats GOLD
Marian Topham
Marian Topham 9 timer siden
“You know where you’re gonna spend your Valentine’s Day? On the toilet.” She’s amazing! 😂
Attorney Random
Attorney Random 9 timer siden
this dude needs some real legal education, the real bankruptcy work is chapter 11 (occasionally chapter 7 too) and is done by elite firms like Davis Polk, Weil, PaulWeiss or Kirkland. law firms are not the source of your problem.
Eugene S
Eugene S 9 timer siden
Maybe "students" should be educated about how student loans work, in school, instead of acting like a victim for them being gullible idiots? The exact same system that failed to educate you, also fucked you, at a certain point, maybe look elsewhere and stop excusing it.
Thomas Strome
Thomas Strome 9 timer siden
Sounds like a Comedian is jealous?
Carlo ReubenVonGerkin
Carlo ReubenVonGerkin 9 timer siden
Did anyone even notice that when talking about student debt the news story was actually about a white girl but when it came time to portray a diploma as something that could protect you from the rain they switched to a picture of a black girl?
Stephen Seegmiller
Stephen Seegmiller 9 timer siden
Know who else gets screwed by bankruptcy? Individuals listed as creditors to the people that go bankrupt. We got shafted. Hard.
ToudaHell 9 timer siden
I've got a post grad in environmental sciences. I'm a bookkeeper now because I'm so tired of all this bullshit.
V. Anastasiya S.
V. Anastasiya S. 9 timer siden
Yeah as an actual sexologist , grossman's statement is completely disgusting. The police force in America is using acts deemed illegal by the freaking geneva convention which is absolutely horrifying.
ad meliora
ad meliora 9 timer siden
the more furry jokes the less i think theyre jokes 🤔
DONTworryIgotTHIS 9 timer siden
IMO she's not wrong, if they haven't had a sudden medical expense people shouldn't be fucking 50k in the hole. Like how do you have that much debt?
Cameron Chidester
Cameron Chidester 9 timer siden
you can thank big government for class wars. shrink government power.
Jeremy Umpleby
Jeremy Umpleby 9 timer siden
Ultimately Dan was right. BTC is at 60k at the time of writing this comment. Hopefully he's not celebrating with Beef Gurewitch. I've heard about it, and I want no part of it.
Paul Stehlik
Paul Stehlik 9 timer siden
Love Britney
Debbie Erceg
Debbie Erceg 9 timer siden
Uighurs are human and people victimised by China. Look China wake up we are humans and as a western world human to hear that this is still happening in your country it's sickening and who decides to do these acts has mental health. It's cruel it's wicked. Well I'm a kiwi and if you know what we as humans act and doesn't matter what race we are we are taught to be kind and giving and loving and we are equal we share with others. That's God's way and I pray for you all to change. Just very sad what you do to Uighur woman. Disgraceful.